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Strength to Be and Body Positivity

Body positivity has been a trending topic for the past couple of years. Check out my post about one of my favorite body positive brands here. The one thing I hate about this movement is the hypocritical internet trolls. The point of body positivity is encouraging us to love ourselves and stop trying to fit into …

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How I Cleaned Up My Diet

Eating healthier is one of those things that a lot of us commit to around this year so I wanted to share how I cleaned up my diet to help you guys reach your health and fitness goals. Before After I love food, but we all know that too much of the wrong thing leads …

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20 Best Workout Songs

I’ve started a new workout program from NextUp Fitness and I’m not gonna lie, it is pretty tough. The workouts are personalized for you by past NFL players, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how challenging it is. If you’re like me, you need music to do pretty much anything. I’ve created a …

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