The Best Bloggers And Creatives You Should Follow Now

As a creative, I often see my black peers get outshone by white people. The white experience is seen as the default, so their content is more palatable to a wider audience. As a result, we grow at a slower pace which makes our work seem less valuable to businesses. For a while, I’ve been curating my following for my feed to reflect my interests. Below are some of the best bloggers and creatives to follow.

Being black and having an interest in fashion can be uninspiring. When you read magazines and scroll through social media, you occasionally see yourself represented. I get bored from consuming media to which I can’t relate. Often, when you do see black people represented, we’re being exploited as a marketing tool. Therefore the exposure isn’t genuine or authentic. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the best bloggers and creatives you should be following now.







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I consider myself a workaholic. I love collaborating with people to create new things that we can be proud of. I've never really stopped going since I moved to New York City because there wasn't any kind of restriction I gave in to. In this case, being on the flip side of not really having a choice with social distancing and quarantining, one of my focuses definitely aligns with doing it (collaboration/work) digitally. Technology gets a lot of flack in our generation for making us lazy, self-obsessed but I believe that this is a great opportunity to rediscover and see what else we can create with the tool. It's all about searching for new inspiration in this time – being reminded of the things that got me to where I am today, and the things I enjoy in this era that will define the man I'm trying to become in the next few years. The reality is a lot of us actually need this time to rethink and reset and I'm going to try my best to do just that. For the first time in a long time, there really isn't a plan except staying open and being optimistic about what I can actually do with the essentials around me. I run a publication that I am really passionate about and I'll be working on it until it reaches its full potential. I'll be staying in touch to stay connected with the people I love and admire, I'll be making conscious efforts to meet new kinds of people, and I'll be pushing myself to discover new talents I can cultivate so we'll see where that takes me. #getmaude #maudernpeople Photographed by, @simivijay.

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Namasté /nah-imma-stay/

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