How Eyewear Brand Focused on Forever Blinders is Inspiring and Giving Back to the Community

Dapper Dan recently appeared on the morning radio show, the Breakfast Club to promote his new book. If you’re not familiar, Dapper Dan is an American designer based in Harlem, New York that Gucci hired after copying one of his designs. In the interview, one of the hosts asked him why black people don’t support more black-owned businesses rather than labels like Gucci, Burberry, or Prada. Since listening to the interview, I’ve wanted to do a better job of highlighting black businesses. That’s why I was excited when Focused On Forever Blinders reached out to me to try out their eyewear brand.

Focused on Forever Blinders

FoFE Blinders is a black-owned line of eyewear based in Lexington, KY. Kentucky is known for horse-racing and the Kentucky Derby. The blinders horses wear during races are what inspired their decision to design eyewear. Each pair of glasses are a symbol of blinders to stay focused on our paths. As an entrepreneur, I like the idea of a company that encourages people to block out those distractions that can prevent us from achieving our goals.

Focused on Forever Blinders

I touched on sustainability in a previous postFoFE Blinders is another business that’s providing sustainable options. They specialize in wooden eyewear as an eco-friendly solution because it’s biodegradable and a natural resource. So you won’t only look good in these frames, but you’re doing good for the environment.

Focused on Forever Blinders

FoFE Blinders’ positivity doesn’t just stop with the environment. They’ve also partnered with the Legacy Equine Academy to offer educational opportunities to minority and high school students. The LEA is a program that helps students pursue careers in equine agriculture, natural resources, and environmental science. Proceeds from each pair of FoFE Blinders goes towards the Focused on Forever Legacy Equine Scholarship. To purchase a pair of glasses and learn more about FoFE Blinders, you can visit the following link.

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