2019 summer reading list

My 2019 Summer Reading List

During the Summer, we all have a little bit more free time than usual. Whether it be traveling or sitting by the pool, Summer is a great time to knock out a little reading. Below I’ve put together some of my favorite books you should add to your 2019 Summer reading list. Feel free to add more recommendations in the comments.

An American Marriage,” by Tayari Jones.

We all have a general understanding that marriage is challenging. This book explores the trials of married life and being black in America. A husband is wrongfully accused of sexual assault. The author uses multiple perspectives to illustrate the effects incarceration can have on a marriage.

Modern Romance,” Aziz Ansari.

Dating is a whole different ballgame among our generation. Our careers and the internet play a big part in how we approach dating today. Aziz touches on a lot of these topics in his Netflix show Master of None. In this book, he digs in a little deeper to investigate the world of dating in the age of technology.

Giovanni’s Room,” by James Baldwin.

Set in the 1950s, this book follows a man living in Paris as he grapples with homosexuality and living a traditional life. This book reminds me of the Great Gatsby as it examines the effects our desires can have on other people’s lives.

Between the Wolrd and Me,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

In this book, Coates explores the history of racism in America. He provides an understanding of the reasons why black people still live in fear.

Karamo,” by Karamo Brown

You probably recognize the name from Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. You may even remember him from MTV’s The Real World. In this book, Karamo details how colorism, sexuality, addiction, and parenthood made him into the man he is today. I’ve talked about my struggle with depression, so it was interesting to see how someone was able to turn all the struggles in their life into success.





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