How to Wear Animal Print for Spring 2019

Animal print has always been a bit of a style swerve in men’s fashion. But lately, more designers and brands have incorporated them in their designs. So animal prints are more acceptable with guys than before. Leopard print is a classic, but I’ve also spotted snakeskin and now zebra print. Most corporate retailers don’t take risks when it comes to their designs. So it surprised me when I spotted this zebra dress shirt at Express.

animal print dress shirt

When I think of animal print, Roberto Cavalli is the first designer that comes to mind. You walk a fine line between looking cheesy and stylish when you wear animal prints. To encapsulate the elegance of Roberto Cavalli, I paired my zebra print shirt with a white suit. White suits are one of my favorite trends for Spring 2019. I also think this shirt will look great with light wash blues and black dress pants. Click any of the links below to shop the look.

animal print dress shirt
zebra print dress shirt

Express Slim Zebra Print Dress Shirt

Express Slim White Cotton Blend Stretch Suit

Express Slim White Cotton Blend Stretch Suit Pant






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