What to Wear with Kenneth Cole’s Most Comfortable Shoes

This post is in collaboration with Kenneth Cole and Stylinity, but all opinions are my own.

Working in fashion, I’m always on my feet. When I shop for shoes, my goal is to find a pair that feels as good as they look. For their Spring 2019 campaign Kenneth Cole created shoes that do just that, focusing on “What Matters is What Moves You.” I recently teamed up with Kenneth Cole to share what might be the most comfy shoes I’ve worn to date. Below I’ll show you what to wear with Kenneth Cole’s most comfortable shoes.

When I slipped on my RapidPod chukka sneakers from Kenneth Cole’s Pod Collection, I could instantly tell the difference in comfort. The first thing I noticed was the support at the ball of my feet. Most shoes only absorb shock at the heel. But I put a lot of pressure on the front of my foot. So it’s impressive finding a pair of shoes that support my entire foot. 

Kenneth Cole’s sneakers are perfect for getting around the city because they’re extremely comfortable and stylish. The RocketPod chukka is a cross between a dress shoe and sneaker. So rather than rocking a suit and tie, I paired my chukkas with a suit and turtleneck for a more modern look. 

Spring is always a tricky time for getting dressed. Mornings and evenings are freezing while the middle of the day is usually warm. The key to looking your best throughout the day is layering. For my second look, I styled the Bailey from The Sneaker Shop. The base of this look is just a shirt, tie, and pants. I then added the sweater and denim jacket which you could shed throughout the day.  I linked some deals on Kenneth Cole’s most comfortable shoes which guys can check out here





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