Redefining Prep Style With the Sperry Avenue Duck Boot

I’ve always considered Sperry to be a destination for preppy style shoes. In school, most of my friends and classmates dressed preppy and wore Sperrys. If I’m being honest, I wanted to fit in so I followed suit. If you look through my instagram it’s clear that my style has evolved since then. Instead of trying to conform, I wear things that I like and make me happy. One day that might be edgy and the next a little preppy or sometimes a mix of everything. Below you can check out how I styled the Sperry Avenue Duck Boot for Fall.  

sperry avenue duck boot
sperry avenue duck boot

Sperry recently launched a Prep For All campaign about breaking the rules and redefining prep style. As I’ve become more interested in fashion, trying to conform has gotten boring. I realized making my own rules was more fun and really allowed me to express myself. In high school, I remember thinking I wasn’t cool enough to wear certain things. I actually hear other people saying that about themselves all the time. A lot of us think we have to stick to one style, but that’s not true. I love incorporating different styles and making it my own.

sperry avenue duck boot
sperry avenue duck boot

Sperry sent me a pair of their Avenue Duck Boots to style for Fall. Like boat shoes, duck boots are another preppy staple. These boots have a rugged feel to them which is why I’ve paired them with a heavier sweater. Plus there’s nothing more rugged than jeans. I tend to get lazy when it’s cold and the days are shorter. A sweater and jeans is my go-to outfit for Fall and Winter because you look put together without all the effort. Everyone loves Fall for the layers, so I’ve also layered my sweater with a quilted vest.

sperry avenue duck boot

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