Where to find the Best Jeans for Short Guys

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions from you asking for help finding jeans for short guys. I’ve always been heavier than most around me, but I’m realizing my body type is more average than I thought. I hadn’t realized how difficult shopping could be if you fall at one of the far ends of the sizing spectrum. Shopping for jeans is a real struggle when you’re looking for a pair with an inseam below 30 inches. The obvious solution would be having your jeans hemmed. But that’s a hassle and it increases the cost of your jeans.

UNDER 5’10

Finding the right fit is a whole other issue. Men are more conscious of their style than ever, but designers are still afraid to take risks on bigger guys. For most guys, I recommend trying to find a pair of jeans that are slim. The point of clothing is to accentuate the lines of the body. Finding a pair of jeans that fit closer to the body will help achieve that effect. Keep in mind that slim doesn’t mean tight. Your jeans should also feel comfortable. I recommend checking out brand’s like Under 510, Bonobos, Nudie Jeans, and Wrangler. Below I’ve curated the best jeans for short guys with an inseam between 28 and 29 inches. Click any of the photos below to shop.

Best Jeans for Short Guys






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    short guy

    This is terrible. Levis doesn’t make an inseam shorter than 30″ I bely

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