Kenneth Cole Slim-Fit Dark Blue Suit Styled 3 Ways

I didn’t do a lot of Black Friday shopping last year, but I did score a few good deals. One of the things I did buy was this Kenneth Cole slim-fit dark blue suit. It was $399, but I got it on sale for only $99. Looking back I regret not buying more than one suit. Ever since college, I’ve been bad about dressing up. For the most part, my main focus is getting to my destination on time and dressing up is too much effort. The church is usually the only place that I put on a suit. Menswear is moving away from tailoring, but still, nothing looks better on men than suits. That’s why I’m trying to break my habit of only wearing jeans and t-shirts. In this post, I’m breaking down three different ways to wear a navy suit so that we get more bang for our buck.

Kenneth Cole Slim-Fit Dark Blue Suit Styled 3 Ways

Roll Neck Fine Knit Sweater Outfit

Pairing a turtleneck with a suit should be every guy’s go-to style move during the Fall and Winter. A sweater is so much more comfortable than a shirt and tie. Plus, the way the high neck frames your face is so sophisticated. The result is a look that’s easy yet polished. If you’re following along on Instagram, this is the River Island turtleneck that I got from ASOS. If you’re not following along on Instagram, you can fix that by clicking here.

Suit Pants and Biker Jacket

Out of the three, this is my favorite look. Whenever I have to dress up, I love to throw on dress pants, a shirt & tie and top it off with my biker jacket. A leather jacket is going to be the cool alternative to a blazer. I’ve also paired this look with my new ASOS beret to go along with the edgy vibe of the biker jacket.

Suit Jacket and T-Shirt

A blazer, t-shirt, and jeans are a great option for occasions that are semi-casual. Valentine’s Day is coming up and this is the perfect look for a date. Again you get the balance of feeling comfortable but looking polished at the same time.

Look 1

Kenneth Cole Suit (similar here)

River Island Sweater

Express Shoes (similar here)

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Look 2

Kenneth Cole Suit Pants (similar here)

Yes Style Tie

ASOS Mules

Tom Ford Sunglasses

ASOS Beret

Look 3

Kenneth Cole Suit Jacket. (similar here)

Gap T-Shirt

Abercrombie Jeans

Crevo Boots

Tom Ford Sunglasses

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