Photo Editing Apps for Taking Better iPhone Photos

One of my favorite things about blogging is creating content for Instagram. I can sit for hours editing photos or learning new ways to improve my photos. I started my Instagram account in 2012. Editing was super simple back then. You open the app, slap on one of Instagram’s filters and hit post. Once I started blogging, I realized that there was more to photography than filters. You can read more about taking better Instagram photos here. In this post, I wanted to share the best photo editing apps for iPhone photos.

Best Photo Editing Apps 


I always get asked how I add grids and borders to my photos. I wish I could say  I’m a wiz at photoshop and graphic design. But I use an app called Unfold. Unfold has a bunch of templates you can use to make your posts look more editorial. You can add borders, texts, etc. Film is popular right now which is why everyone loves this app for their Film pack. It’s a $.99 add on and lets you pick from templates that have film and polaroid borders. 


VSCO is the app most people use to process their photos. It gives you the look of a professionally edited photo without the work. People that aren’t familiar with the app tend to go overboard with the filters. You can learn how to use VSCO with this quick guide. It’s best to use to a weaker strength to make sure your photos look natural. The app also features a wide choice of tools. I like to use them to tweak the lighting and color so that my photo is just right. I don’t use VSCO all the much anymore, but more on that later.

Lightroom CC

Discovering Lightroom was a game changer. There’s only so much you can do with a filter. Lightroom is what I use to create a more minimal aesthetic. Under the color tool, you can saturate/desaturate specific colors. For example, I always take out yellows to make sure the white in my photos are clean and bright.

A Color Story

Earlier I mentioned that I rarely use VSCO. I’ve replaced the app with A Color Story. As a blogger, it’s important to make skin tones, outfits, food, and colors in general pop. I prefer A Color Story because it’s easier to find filters that enhance your photos. I also like that this app has effects besides filters you can use to create a mood. I wouldn’t say A Color Story is better than VSCO; it all comes down to personal preference.


I’ve experimented with Snapseed a lot lately. It’s as effective as Lightroom. The one con is that doesn’t allow you to target specific colors in a photo. Now I use Lightroom for color correction Snapseed to enhance the lighting. Two of my favorite features in Snapseed are the healing tool and curves tool. I use healing tool to get rid of distracting things like huge blemishes. The curves tool is what I use to add a faded look to my photos.


I’m not super familiar with Facetune so I only use one tool from this app. I mentioned earlier that I like to desaturate yellows. Sometimes they’re still noticeable in photos. The whiten tool is usually used to brighten your teeth in photos. I like to use it get rid of the yellow tints on buildings and the ground so that my outfit photos look like cleaner.


I don’t use Planoly to edit my photos, but it is helpful for curating my feed. The purpose of this app is to upload your future Instagram post to see how they flow with your feed. The app allows you to drag and drop unposted photos until you find an arrangement you like.





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