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New Life Goals to Kick off 2018 and Lessons I Learned Last Year

Well, another year has come and come which is insane. I’m not much of a New Years Eve guy anymore. My partying days are a thing of the past. New Year’s Eve is overrated and a tad bit cheesy anyway so I plan on keeping it lowkey and kicking back again this year. Even though New Year’s resolutions are cliche, milestones like reaching the of the end year are a good time for reflection. So much has a gone on over the year; lots of high and lows. One of my favorite moments was attending ASOS’s launch of their Big & Tall collection. In the end, I’ve grown a lot and I’m excited about everything that’s to come in the new year. I was reading a blog post by Olivia Rink earlier this week. It inspired me to also share lessons I learned over the year as well as my new life goals for 2018. I always get a little nervous about sharing personal details. But Lee’s Lookbook is safe space. Feel free to share some of your plans for 2018 in the comment section below.

Lessons Learned

  1. Wait to share any news until plans are set in stone
  2. Know your worth and command respect
  3. Give up responsibilities if you can’t be reliable
  4. Eat what’s makes you happy but take care of your health
  5. Cut negative influences out of your life
  6. Be accountable for good and bad decisions
  7. There’s always a good reason for a door closing in your life
  8. Every relationship isn’t worth investing in
  9. You can’t grow unless you’re honest with yourself
  10. Stand on what your beliefs even when others don’t understand

New Life Goals

  1. Read the Bible everyday
  2. Buy something ridiculously expensive
  3. Take a vacation alone
  4. Reread The Catcher in the Rye
  5. Learn the history of fashion in film
  6. Stop sharing negative opinions
  7. Start vlogging
  8. Stop watching porn
  9. Weightlift 4 – 5 days a week
  10. Learn how to do yoga
  11. Ask a cute stranger out on a date
  12. Move into my own apartment

So thankful for you guys following along. I appreciate all the love and support!






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