Beginners Guide to Better Instagram Posts: How to Edit With VSCO Filters

I am finally back with the second installment of my guide to better Instagram posts! A little later that I would have liked but better late than never. Today we’re going to talk about how to use VSCO filters.If you haven’t already, check out my first post here.

First of all, I feel like if you’re not using filters to edit your photos you’re doing yourself a big disservice. Some of you are probably against editing your photos but I think it is essential to developing your own aesthetic. Developing that aesthetic is one of the easiest things that will make you stand out because everything will flow together. People are more prone to hit the follow button when your feed looks cohesive. Keep in mind the point of filters is to enhance the image; you still want it to look natural.

How to Use VSCO Filters

Editing photos in VSCO is a lot easier than people think. I’ve discovered my favorite VSCO filters, but initially, I would go through each filter paying attention to how they affected the photo. I think you should switch up the filters you use from time to time. VSCO offers a lot of great filters for free but lately, I’ve been using the Alchemy pack which is an in-app purchase.

If you notice, a lot the filters are strong which is why I lower the strength a little less than half. The strength you use comes down to personal preference, but remember a higher strength will probably result in a distorted photo. I would suggest playing around until you find a sweet spot that works best for you.

The rest of the tools are optional. The only other tool I use is the tint feature just to make my photos look a little different from everyone else’s. The tools are optional but they’re also very useful. Some filters will distort your photos, but these other features can help you adjust your image so that it looks more natural. For example, I like to lower the contrast on some of my photos if the filter makes it look too bright or dark. Other times I’ll adjust the temperature for photos that are too warm or too cool. These tools can also distort your photos if you use too much. I typically adjust the slider 1-2 notches max.

My Work Flow

That’s pretty much all I’ve got! I hope that was helpful. If you have any specific questions, feel free to comment below or send me an email. I love helping with this kinda stuff so if you need any extra help just let me know. In the meantime stay tuned for the third installment of my guide to better Instagram posts.

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2 responses to “Beginners Guide to Better Instagram Posts: How to Edit With VSCO Filters”

  1. Brianna Avatar

    This is actually very helpful! I’ve been working on my Instagram for quality and I’ve just been using the in-app settings for brightness, contrast, etc. I will have to check out VSCO’s Alchemy pack. I’ve played around with VSCO before but never really found a good filter, hopefully, this changes the game!

    1. Francis Avatar

      Thanks so much for checking out this post! The filters in VSCO are so good. It’ll definitely help make your feed more cohesive. Hit me up if you have any questions about using the app or suggestions for packs to buy.

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