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Most Popular Men’s Jeans | Fall 2017 Buying Guide

I caught a little shade this week for wearing Abercrombie jeans. Back in the day, Abercrombie was known for catering to a certain body type. I remember being afraid as a teen to even go into the store. It always felt uncomfortable because I was too big for the clothes. To combat falling sales, they’ve undergone rebranding. Even though Abercrombie has rebranded, they still don’t offer a wide range of sizes which is why I was called out for wearing their jeans. As a body positive influencer, I don’t do a great job of rounding up styles that are inclusive. However, I promise to do better. To start things off I’ve rounded up the most popular men’s jeans to help you guys kick off your Fall style.

The back school season and Fall are the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. I think that every guy should own a dark pair of jeans, especially for Fall. Men’s dark jeans are the most versatile wash because they’re the easiest to dress up or down. Lighter jeans look too broken-in, which makes them a little more casual than a darker wash. So if you’re in the market for new jeans, start off with a dark pair of jeans that will anchor your wardrobe all year round. I would also suggest opting for black denim to give your style an edgier, cooler vibe this Fall.

I usually wear slim fit or skinny jeans and I think most guys should as well. Looser fitting pants are super trendy right now, but guys with bigger builds have to be careful wearing relaxed fitting clothes. If we’re not careful, they easily make us look sloppy. That doesn’t mean that we can pull off the oversized trend (check out this post for proof). Slim fit and skinny jeans have more a tailored feel to them, which makes them more versatile. Fitted jeans will elevate a simple t-shirt and lend a cool vibe to your blazers. Slim fit and skinny are way more effortless any other style of jeans.  

A lot of you probably don’t know where to buy jeans for men that actually fit. In a recent post, I talked about how difficult it is to find a pair of jeans that have a tapered leg opening and that aren’t skin-tight. I actually found the best-fitting pair of jeans at Abercrombie recently. Their athletic slim fit is roomy through the thigh and tapers at the bottom for the perfect fit for guys with athletic builds. The jeans I found at Abercrombie are perfect for my body type, but American Eagle and ASOS are two other retailers that carry jeans that fit really well.

These retailers are my favorite because their jeans have a bit of stretch that makes them so much more comfortable than your average denim. Below the waist is the last place that you want to feel constricted. Plus they’re not super low-rise. I have a bit of a belly, so low-rise jeans make it so hard to tuck in my shirts. I recommend jeans that are mid rise.

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