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How to Get Perfectly Rolled Pant Cuffs

Let’s talk jeans. Someone asked me how I cuff my jeans. Lately I’ve been rolling my jeans up about 2-3 times. Strangely enough, this technique doesn’t always work. I usually wear slim or skinny jeans (especially these), but most of them have a wide leg opening. If your jeans have a wider leg opening, it’s helpful to pinroll your jeans. Using a pinroll technique makes the cuff more tapered. Otherwise the cuff looks like it’s floating around the ankle, which isn’t flattering. The video below is how I learned how to get perfectly rolled pant cuffs:

How to Perfectly Rolled Pant Cuffs

According to GQ, we shouldn’t pinroll our jeans. I somewhat agree with them. In my opinion pinrolling our jeans is a sign that they probably don’t fit to begin with. A lot of you probably have the same issue as me. I can never find jeans that have a small legging opening. If the legging opening is small, the jeans are usually too tight in the thighs. Thankfully I’ve discovered a couple of pairs that work for guys with an athletic build which you can shop here, here, and here. What I love about these jeans is that they’re roomy through the thigh and taper perfectly at the bottom. Jeans look great stacked or rolled up when they’re tapered just right. Pro-tip: your cuff should only be about an inch wide.

Where are you favorite places to buy jeans? Comment below with your questions and recommendations!


rolled pant cuffs

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