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Reduce Stress with Paperless Post Birthday Cards and Invitations

Losing touch with friends is one of the saddest parts of graduating. I’m sure we’ve all tried to prevent it. However distance and busy schedules make it difficult to stay in touch as often as we’d probably like to. Social media makes it a lot easier to keep in touch. However, sometimes our interactions like birthday wishes on Facebook feel a little artificial. I recently tried Paperless Post birthday cards, which are a perfect alternative to basic messages and texts.

Social media is great for keeping in touch, but it has made us a little lazy. For example, Facebook notifies us of all the birthdays happening for the day. So we don’t even have to try remembering anymore. I’m sure we’re all guilty of commenting on our friend’s wall (even the one’s we never talk to). Most of us don’t even try writing anything meaningful unless it’s someone who we really care about.

People going out their way to show you some love is part of what makes birthdays special. A lot of my best friends moved away after college. Instead of sending Facebook messages or texts, I’ve made an effort to send them birthday cards on their special day. The only problem with mailing cards is that they never arrive when you want them to; they almost always arrive late.

One of my cousin’s recently celebrated his 30th birthday. I couldn’t wait to send him a present and birthday card, but turns out I had the wrong date written in my planner. One morning I woke up to everyone wishing him a happy birthday on his wall on Facebook. That meant it was too late to mail a card. I took this as the perfect opportunity to give Paperless Post a try. Before heading out to work, I logged into their site, selected and customized one of their designer cards, and sent it right to my cousin’s inbox saving me a trip to the store and post office! Not to mention I was able to deliver it on time.

So far my favorite thing about Paperless Post is the app. Sending cards and invitations is stressful, but the app allows you send everything on the go which makes your life so much easier. Click the link below to try Paperless Post digital cards

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