Beginners Guide to Better Instagram Posts: Part I

I get a lot questions about my Instagram feed. I wouldn’t say that I’m expert, but I’ve picked up some tips that helped me step up my insta game and build a bit of a following. That’s why I’ve decided to create a series of guides for improving your gallery. Some of you may want to get into blogging. Others might just want to take better photos. Regardless of your purpose, I think it’s awesome to share your daily life in a creative way. My first guide will give you a couple pieces of advice to create better Instagram posts.

General Tips for Better Instagram Posts


Do what you can with what you’ve got

Money was my biggest obstacle before getting into blogging. I felt like I needed a photographer and new clothes to have a successful blog. Finally one of my friends told me to use the resources I had access to and just make it work. So I started by shooting flat lays with my old clothes using my iPhone. Eventually I bought a tripod and started taking photos of myself in my backyard. It wasn’t until after brands starting reaching out about partnerships that I bought a DSLR. Unless you enjoy photography, you really don’t need a fancy camera to take cool photos.

Don’t start with a clean slate

It’s tempting to delete all of your old posts or create a brand new account altogether. Starting from scratch just feels right, but it’s really difficult to build a following from nothing. Building rapport is what makes us hit the follow button. It’s hard to get a sense of someone’s personality and connect through two or three posts. Think of it in terms of a first date. You wouldn’t take someone home after learning just a few things about them. Therefore people are less likely to follow you with a little amount of content.

Treat your feed like a magazine

If you’re interested becoming an influencer it’s important to figure out what you’re going to post about. I don’t have an official mission statement, but they are helpful for curating your feed and staying on brand. Everytime you post, you should ask yourself whether your content would appeal to your audience. Keep in mind, your followers won’t love everything you post. However, if it’s important to you, then it’s worth posting. The quality of your content also applies when curating your feed. You want to uphold a certain standard and make sure everything is aesthetically pleasing. If you think a photo sucks, don’t post it because your followers will think the same thing.

Learn basic photography skills

Our Instagram feeds are full of dope content, which makes it difficult to stand out. Just pointing and shooting isn’t going to cut it. Do yourself a favor and google some tips about composition, lighting, and editing. While were talking editing, learning how to use VSCO or A Color Story is essential to posting content that is consistent with your aesthetic.

A few of my favorite things c/o @sheamoisture

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Do your homework

One of the easiest ways to learn about photography is studying other influencers. Take a look at your favorite Instagram accounts and breakdown what is that you like about their feed. For example take a look at poses or how they style flat lays. Once you figure out what they do well, copy it until you develop your own strategy. Once you get the hang of posting cool content, ideas will come to you organically.

Stay tuned for part II of my beginner’s guide to better Instagram posts. In the mean time I’d love to hear your opinion and questions in the comment section!
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