Cool Sunglasses for Any Budget

Summer break is ending, which means a lot of you are heading back to school. When I was younger, going back to school gave me a mix of emotions. I never looked forward to my classes, but buying new school supplies and clothes was always exciting. Towards the end of college I stopped caring as much about dressing well for class. Graduating became my only focus. Little did I know something simple as cool sunglasses were the key to looking more put together.

Looking back, there’s no excuse for how lazy I was about getting dressed. When it comes to dressing for class, looking stylish is as easy as throwing on a crisp t-shirt and fitted jeans. If you want to score some extra style points without even trying, just throw on some sunglasses. When it comes to style especially with menswear, details like a pair of sunglasses can easily elevate an entire look.

It may sound crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on sunglasses, but I will say you get what you pay for. From personal experience, the only sunglasses that have lasted me for years have been designer brands. However, it’s always nice to have an inexpensive pair of sunglasses when you’re traveling just in case they don’t make it back home. My bank account always looked a little funny during college, so I’ve rounded up cool sunglasses for any budget.

Cool Sunglasses To Buy Right Now






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