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teeth whitening I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my smile until I started teeth whitening. I hoped that I’d have this perfect smile when I lost all my baby teeth. Instead, my teeth grew in oversized and spaced out. There was a time when I hated taking pictures. It got to a point where I would use photo editors to fill in the spaces in my teeth. I also went through a phase where I tried not smiling. I remember ruining my high school graduation photos with this awkward smirk. Instead of getting braces I realized that teeth whitening boosted my confidence and helped me own my imperfect smile.

Whitening strips and rinses removed a decent amount of stains from my teeth over the years, but there were definitely drawbacks. Strips only cover the surface of your front teeth, so the result is a two-tone smile. Then rinses aren’t in your mouth long enough to truly take effect. That’s why I was excited when Smile Brilliant gifted me with their at-home teeth whitening system to review.

teeth whitening

How it Works

The Smile Brilliant system is comparable to a teeth whitening procedure you’d receive at a dentist’s office. However Smile Brilliant is a fraction of the cost! I was a little nervous about tooth sensitivity since this is a professional teeth whitening system and stronger than other whitening products I’ve used. Luckily the system offers a desensitizing gel that helps prevent tooth sensitivity.

Seeing the syringes and putty in my kit was intimidating, but it ended up being a super easy process. You begin the process by making your impressions with the putty and plastic trays. This is a little tricky, so you’ll want to make one impression at a time. I actually messed up my first impression, but the kit includes extra materials for these type of mistakes. You’ll then use the enclosed postage to ship your impressions back to Smile Brilliant.

After receiving your impressions, their lab creates your teeth whitening trays, which they’ll mail back to you in about 3-5 business days. After that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

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Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

Each whitening and sensitizing syringe includes enough product for 3 or 4 sessions (including the top and bottom whitening tray). Keep in mind that it only takes about 7 – 14 sessions to see results. I quickly learned that a little gel goes a long way! The only time I experienced sensitivity was when I used too much whitening gel in my trays. Other than that, using the desensitizing gel after each whitening treatment allowed me to eat and drink without any sensitivity.

A lot of people experience tooth sensitivity. However, Smile Brilliant created a formula for sensitive teeth in addition to their regular formula so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of their teeth whitening system.

My Results

teeth whitening
teeth whitening

What I like about this system is that it restores your teeth to a natural white instead of that over-bleached look like Ross from Friends. Even though I’ve whitened my teeth in the past, I’ve become a Starbucks addict since college. From the photos above, you can see that the system has helped remove those stains! The best part of using Smile Brilliant is that you get professional and safe results in the comfort of your own home all while saving money. The Smile Brilliant systems start at $129. Use code leeslookbook to enjoy 10% off!

Smile Brilliant Giveaway

Not only did Smile Brilliant allow me to try their teeth system, but I’ve partnered with them for a giveaway! One reader will receive a $139 credit towards a Smile Brilliant system (kits start at $129). This giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Entering is simple:

  1. Click this link: Giveaway link
  2. Submit your name and email address

A winner will then be selected and contacted by email 2 weeks from today!

I know a lot of you have probably looked into teeth whitening systems, so feel free to comment with any questions below!

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