Outfit Inspiration: Hawaiian Shirts


New York has always had one of the biggest influences on fashion. However menswear has gotten a lot more relaxed, which is a result of LA’s aesthetic. Until last year, Hawaiian shirts were too cheesy to be taken seriously. If anything, they were fun to wear on vacation, but no other time. Designers like Heidi Slimane were able to take the chill vibe of California and make palm prints cool again. Just about every retailer has caught on to the trend, which means we don’t have to spend our rent money on Saint Laurent to pull off tropical prints. 

Hawaiian shirts have always been a little lame, because of the material and fit, not to mention the loud print. I recently picked up this printed cotton shirt from American Eagle for only $35. I love the cut of the shirt. It’s a little more tapered at the bicep and waist, which is always flattering for men. Plus the shirt comes in a variety of prints like leaves, novelty prints, and florals so there’s something for all of us. 
Hawaiian shirts should be our next style move, because they’re more versatile than we think. They’ll always work with shorts, but Hawaiian shirts surprisingly look stylish under suits or leather jackets. There’s really no wrong way to wear them… as long as you pay attention to the fit of the shirt.
How do you guys feel about Hawaiian shirts for men?  

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    Lovely post! Hawaiian shirts looks really cool and classy.

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