How to Pull Off The Dad Hat

In my latest post, I talked about one of the impacts street style influencers have made on today’s fashion trends. Another trend we can thank street style for is the popularity of dad hats (aka the baseball cap). Not only are they popular among street style influencers, but we’re likely to see them on celebrities like Kanye West and Drake as well.

Dad hats are typically made from canvas or cotton, but depending on the season we’ll see them in velvet, corduroy and even leather. There really isn’t much to pulling off a dad hat, which is what makes them so effortlessly cool. I honestly wear mine the most when I’m past due for a haircut.

The key to pulling off the dad hat is to find one in a color and material that complements your everyday style that way you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your OOTD. I wear my navy aviate hat with pretty much everything, because the blue tends to go with the majority of the neutral colors that I wear. If you’re still unsure of what to wear with yours, stick to basics like a t-shirt and jeans and you’ll always be in style. Shop some of my favorite hats online below.

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2 responses to “How to Pull Off The Dad Hat”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I use to strictly rock fitted flat brims back in the day until the trend shifted to snapbacks. I’ll rock a dad hat every now and then if I can find one that fits right. I really like the ones that are sold a pacsun. Nice Post!

    1. Francis Avatar

      Thanks man! I completely agree. I love a good flat brim, but dad hats a perfect for a casual vibe. I’ll have to check out those pacsun!

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