Think Pink

Like most men, I don’t wear a lot of pink. Growing up, we were taught that it’s too feminine. Since it’s 2017 it’s time for us to let go of that way of thinking especially since pink is one of the hottest color trends for Spring.

Pink is actually one of my favorite colors, but most of the time pink clothes are too preppy for my taste. That’s why I was kind of drawn to this oversized textured sweater from ASOS. Usually pink is soft and powdery or super virbant, which gives you that feminine feel. I love that this pink is a little more understated and muted. Plus the oversized body gives you more of street style vibe. The slouchy sleeves are dope too, because they’re another big menswear trend.

I wanted to try something a little edgier than usual, so I’ve paired my sweater with a black dad hat, fishtail parka, joggers, and chukkas. This sweater is definitely light enough to wear this Spring, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of this guy.
















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