Fur Trim Fishtail Parka

The weather in Lexington has been so crazy this year! For one, we haven’t had any real snow, which is weird for this time of year. The problem is, it’s been unusually warm. Then it gets cold and it’s a 30 degree drop so it feels colder even though it’s only in the 30s outside.

This River Island parka from ASOS has been one of my favorite purchases for winter. I remember in college, I’d walk around campus in my leather jacket. I looked amazing lol, but I was freezing. My parka has definitely made it easier to survive in the cold weather. It keeps the majority of my body warm because it’s a longer coat. Plus it’s surprisingly lightweight.

It may be a little late in the game to purchase a winter coat, but apparently we’ve got a couple more weeks of winter left. Most winter clothing is on sale now anyway, so this a perfect time to pick up a nice winter coat that you’ll be able to wear year after to year.







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