The Happiest Moments of My Life So Far

When things aren’t going well in our lives, it’s easy to take things for granted. I went through a pretty rough patch towards the end of college and it was so hard to see the bright side of any situation. Have you ever noticed that when you ask, “What else can go wrong?” it becomes almost like challenge because everything seems to fall apart? I’m learning that my biggest issue back then was the fact that I was focusing on all the negative things that were going on in my life. We often forget how special our lives are, because we rarely stop and appreciate the awesome things that have happened over the years. That’s why I’m sharing the some happiest moments of my life so far. Feel free to share some of yours in the comment section.

Taking my first trip out of state to Chicago
Getting voted Student Council President
Earning a full ride to college
Getting my first solo in choir
Joining Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
My first date
Losing 50 pounds
Traveling to Germany and Italy
Making Dean’s List and getting a 4.0
Graduating college
Getting featured on BuzzFeed and Huffington Post
Doubling my Instagram Following
Getting accepted into RewardStyle
Buying my first car






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