How to Style Warby Parker’s Spring 2017 Collection

I’m excited to partner with Warby Parker to show you guys how to style their newly launched Spring 2017 collection of eyeglasses. Warby Parker is one of the best places to buy prescription eyeglasses, because they provide affordable and stylish frames starting at just $95. The best part is you can try before you buy. The way it is works, you pick up to 5 frames, which are shipped to you for free. Once you pick a favorite, you can order them online and then they’ll send you a fresh pair. Then after 5 days, you’ll use the free return label to send the other 5 frames back.
Warby Parker‘s Spring 2017 collection features frames that come in a versatile color palette featuring bold neutrals and muted pastels. One of my favorite designs is the Roland, which comes in two tortoises colorways. It’s best to wear frames that are the opposite shape of your face, but I can’t resist round frames. Plus tortoiseshell blends well with most skin tones.  
Warby Parker also offers nonprescription eyeglasses. I’ll admit that I actually don’t need glasses, but we should forget the rules about wearing nonprescription eyeglasses since it’s 2017. With it being a new year, it’s the perfect time to embrace something fresh and change up your look. Don’t worry about looking nerdy. In fact, glasses will actually make you look smart and sexy. Here’s some inspiration to help you incorporate these frames into you everyday rotation. Click on the on any of the images below to shop and head over to Warby Parker’s website to shop the Spring collection.









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