My Goals and Dreams For this Year

So many people have been talking about how terrible 2016 was, but on a personal level it was pretty great. I struggled a lot in college, but I’ve seen so much growth in myself since graduation especially over this past year. College is such a difficult time, because it’s hard to balance your personal and school life. Now that I’ve graduated, I finally have time to invest in myself. I’m able to keep up with my blog and improve my photography. I have time to go to the gym on a regular basis. Most importantly, I’m able to process the stress that comes with being an adult. Partying used to be my way of dealing with stress, but all that did was push me into a deeper depression. I’m happy to share that I’ve been sober for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier.

Some you may not believe in making New Years resolution, but it makes since to set goals for yourself. We can’t take steps towards achieving something without developing some sort of plan. One of the coolest and craziest things that happened this year was being featured on BuzzFeed so I’m looking forward to a similar type of success this year. Here’s a list of some more of my goals and dreams for this year.

Collaborate with more brands

Improve photography
Monetize my blog, fashion styling, and photography
Disconnect from the internet for one whole week, maybe longer
Explore new verticals on the blog
Stop blaming others
Improve nutrition and master meal prepping
Go on more dates
Move out of my parents house
Spend time with a different friend at least once a week
Go on a trip alone
Go back to a city I haven’t been to since I was kid, probably New York






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