Chinos for Guys With an Athletic Body Type

chinos for guys with athletic body type

Wearing a uniform doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. I’m starting a new job that requires me to wear pants instead of jeans so I’ve been looking for a great fitting pair of pants. I’ve found that the fit of your clothes is the key to looking stylish and put together. Something as simple as a t-shirt can be stylish if you find the perfect fit. I remember seeing a guy working at McDonalds in the Italy that looked super stylish, because his uniform fit so well.

I’ve never really liked sports, but I ironically have more of an athletic body type especially my lower half. Having big legs and thighs can make finding pants challenging, because slim fit and skinny fit bottoms are often too tight. At the same time, pants that are too loose can look really sloppy. The goal for those of us with thick legs is to find bottoms that are roomier through the legs and taper at the leg opening.

After bouncing from store to store, I stumbled on Banana Republic‘s Fulton chino. The Fulton chino is Banana‘s skinniest fit. It says it sits low on the waist, but it’s more of a mid rise, which is actually more flattering on most guys. Skinny fit can sound scary, because you probably associate it with women’s skinny jeans. Chinos are typically thinner than jeans, so they can be revealing if they’re too tight. The Fulton chino is slim through the thigh, knee and leg opening so you get clean lines without showing too much of your body. Banana is currently running a promotion offering 50% off one item and 40% the rest of your purchase so this a great time to try out their chinos.

Have any of you worn Banana‘s Fulton chino? I’d love to hear what you thought of the fit in the comment section.







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