How to Style Your Old Clothes

Do you ever just get to a point where you hate everything in your closet? I honestly don’t shop that much, because keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be pretty expensive. As a result, I end up getting pretty bored with my clothes and try to wear my favorite things over and over. I’m sure we’ve all been there, but the good news is you don’t have to buy new clothes to refresh your closet. All you have to do is find new ways to style what you already own. I like to browse Mr Porter for inspiration. Mr Porter provides an example of how wear all of their clothing. I usually just search for clothes that are similar to what I already own and use their examples for new ways to style the piece. I love this outfit, because all of us probably own a pair of jeans, button down, sweater and blazer. I usually just wear these things separately, but layering them makes a whole new outfit.

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Blazer: Target Men’s Blazer (similar) Sweater: Express Sweater (similar) Shirt: Plaid Button-Down Shirt (similar) Jeans: Rocco Slim Fit Straight Leg Jeans (similar) Boots: Hiking Boots (similar)






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