How to Reinvent Your Style

When guys ask me for fashion advice, I often hear “I can’t pull that off”. Hearing that kind of thing makes me sad, because fashion should be fun. However a lot us worry about what people think and decide not to try new things. As a result, we prevent our style from evolving. Last week I was asked to share some tips for reinventing your style, so here are some ways to help you become the most stylish version of yourself.

Search for inspiration

Reading magazines is the easiest way to introduce yourself to fashion. Magazines breakdown fashion trends so that they’re easier to understand. Plus they’re filled with plenty of outfit ideas. Magazines are great for inspiration, but don’t feel obligated to follow every piece of advice, because fashion isn’t one size fits all. The goal is to discover what you like as an individual.
One of the biggest things I’ve learned from reading magazines is how our clothes should fit. It’s easier to take style risks when you’re outfit is fitted to perfection.
Another great source of inspiration is style icons. When you’re scrolling through Instagram and flipping through magazines, take note of the guy’s whose style catches your eye. The goal is to expand on their style and make it your own.

Take advice from the pros

Not knowing how to wear something is often another reason we choose not to experiment with fashion.  The displays and ad campaigns we see in stores or online are great ways to figure out how to style a specific piece of clothing. When all else fails, I turn to for outfit inso.

Confidence is key

I’ve always been a little insecure, because of my weight, but fashion helps me deal with those body issues. Confidence makes me feel comfortable experimenting with my style. We can go ahead and expect people to have something to say about us dressing outside the norm. People are going to talk regardless, so you might as well do what makes you happy. It’s easier to brush off negativity when you’re happy with the way you look.

Have fun

As I’ve mentioned, fashion should be fun. If you want to wear something, just go for it. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.






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