A Gentlemen’s Guide to Sex Appeal

Part of the reason for starting Lee’s Lookbook was to help myself navigate my 20s with an emphasis on style. I’ve struggled with body issues and confidence since I was a kid, so my goal with blogging is to inspire myself and other men to embrace their sex appeal. The problem with this is, anything that relates to sex can easily cross a line, which is where modesty comes in.

I come from a background where people aren’t open about certain topics. Sex is definitely one of those subjects, which is probably what sparked my curiosity. When they say sex sells, I usually fall for this marketing technique. He’s toned it down recently, but when I was younger Tom Ford’s ads were extremely provocative. That’s part of the reason he’s my favorite designer today.

I’ve had a huge boost of confidence now that the #PlusSizeRevolution has picked up steam. I’ve always been dissatisfied with the way that I look naked. However, I’ve grown to love my size, so much so that it’s tempting to show off. I figure why not; guys that are thin and muscular are always half naked. It can be just as sexy when a plus size guy does it.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any nudes anytime soon. As I mentioned, I come from a conservative background so I’ve been taught to be modest. Some of that has to do with being brought up in the South as well. Guys are taught to be a gentleman and a gentleman isn’t overly sexual. There other ways to draw people’s attention besides showing your body. Things like education, dressing well, grooming, and fitness is what really defines a man’s sex appeal.

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