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Sept 28, 2015 by franchisefb on

I’m trying to decide if I should put more effort into putting together outfits. For the most part, there isn’t a lot of thought that goes into it. My closet is organized by category (e.g. tees, shirts, pants, etc.) and then by the last time I wore the item. I usually start all my outfits with a top and go from there.
During the summer, I mostly wore this plaid top from Express around my waist since the color scheme is a little Fallish. But I finally have black jeans again, (black moto jeans to be exact) so I figured today was the perfect time to revisit this button down.
I’m finding that at least three pieces create a look, which is why I had to throw on this fedora from Forever21. I would definitely say this hat is the best $16 I’ve ever spent.
On my way to work, I felt like my outfit was kind of loud haha. People with the best style are the ones that make it look easy by mixing staples with cool, trendy pieces. So over the next couple of weeks, months, however long it takes, I’m going to work on making my style more effortless.
How do you guys go about getting dressed in the morning?






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