All-Access: Gucci Leather Factory

One of the best things about attending classes in Florence is that I’ve had the opportunity to go on amazing excursions. This past week, my professors and their students were invited on a rare tour of the Gucci Leather Factory. More pictures from inside after the jump.

Here our guide explains about the different types of skins used to make Gucci’s bags and accessories. My favorite was the crocodile skin that had been dyed to skin the skin an aged look. 

One of the workers explains the process of using patterns to cut from the skins. 

Once the skins are died and cut, they are then treated. This special treatment shines and raises the segments in the skin. 

A worker demonstrates the process of bending and coloring bamboo that will be used for handles.

Once the bamboo is shaped and colored, it is treated with a solution that helps the bamboo retain it’s shape.

Finally, gold- or platinum-plated brass pieces are added to the bamboo for aesthetics.  






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