Milan Fashion Week: Day 4

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to Milan for fashion week. To be completely honest, I was once again disappointed like in Berlin. I’ve learned that there isn’t much going on during Fashion Week unless you’re actually attending the shows and parties. More pictures after the jump.


Anna Della Russo – Vogue Japan’s Editor at Large
Waiting outside of Jil Sander.



Versace RTW Fall 2012
Versace  Fall/Winter 2012 Runway
When I went into Versace, I tried on a jacket like the one above. It had a similar style but a different type of fur was used for the collar and fur was used for the rest of it instead of leather. €2000. No big deal right. At first I thought I was noticing fur a lot more because I recently bought a peacoat with a fur collar from Zara. But every designer store I’ve gone into, I’ve seen fur jackets. Fur is going to be pretty big this winter.





Alexander McQueen RTW Fall 2012




Dolce & Gabbana RTW Fall 2012
Bianca Balti for Vogue Spain October 2012
When I went into to Dolce & Gabbana, I saw a woman trying on the dress above. Hands down one of the hottest dresses I’ve ever seen. My favorite part about the dress is that it’s see-through after the first tier. When the woman trying on the dress turned around to return to the dressing room, you got a little glimpse of her perfect little backside. Ladies if you plain on wearing this dress, make sure you wear something underneath that showcases your…assets. For example, this woman wore those little cheeky panties. Just the right amount of coverage ;). Dolce & Gabbana was my first love, but I had fallen out of love with the designers’ new Sicilian direction. Visiting the stores has given me a chance to reintroduce myself with the brand. I think I’m in love again.





Tom Ford RTW Fall 2012
Regardless of the amount of celebrities I got to see, I don’t regret going. I learned that I love Florence way more than Milan. Plus I got to see some pretty amazing stuff throughout the day. I even was photographed by a photographer. Who says bow ties aren’t stylish??? Overall, the trip was a success.
As always, keep it smart and sexy ladies and gentlemen,






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