3-Day Hidden Treasure of Maremma and Mini Cruise on the Tuscan Archipelago

This weekend, I traveled the Italian countryside outside of Florence. I’ve never swam in a body of water bigger than a pool. So It was extremely exciting having a chance to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and the Island of Giglio.
Finding swimming trunks was so difficult. I went all around Florence trying to find something but everyone had already put their fall collections on the floor. I finally found a little store Friday night that had trunks for £14,50. The only problem was they had two styles: one pair that was mid thigh and a pair that was above the knee. Even though I looked pretty hot in my short Euro shorts, I settled on a blue pair with white strips at the top that came to the knee. I ended up pairing them with a white button down, black keyhole sunglasses, and navy boat shoes all from H&M.
Below are the photos of my gorgeous weekend.

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  1. Black and Olive Avatar

    That looks like so much fun! Hope you had a blast!


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